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The benefits of the BAQUACIL® Pool Care System are many. The chlorine-free formulation is gentle and non-irritating to eyes and skin, it's gentle on swimsuits and pool liners. The BAQUACIL System keeps water clear, silky and soft, and most of all, it's easy to use. Contact Buckeye Soft Water, your Authorized BAQUACIL Dealer for additional information. We are trained to recommend the best system to suit your pool and your lifestyle.


Enjoy the good life with gentle, chlorine-free BAQUACIL®

. . . . . . and experience all the pleasures of chlorine-free swimming. With BAQUACIL, you'll enjoy all the fun your pool has to offer, with none of the harsh chlorine-related side effects including:

  • Eye irritation

  • Irritted skin

  • Dry hair

  • Faded swimsuits and vinyl pool liners

The Stability of BAQUACIL Gives You
  • Peace of mind - because you get more dependable, more consistent bacteria control

  • More time to enjoy fun in the water with your family
Freedom from Bacteria Worry

You can count on BAQUACIL for long-lasting effectiveness against bacteria. The chemistry of BAQUACIL SANITIZER AND ALGISTAT is more stable than chlorine, so it won’t burn off in the summer heat and sun. Your pool will maintain consistent bacteria protection day after day.

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